Cozmo Robot – He’s Mischievous and Funny

Cozmo Robot – He’s Mischievous and Funny

Cozmo Robot - He's Mischievous and Funny

Cozmo Robot – He’s Mischievous and Funny

Cozmo-Robot-He's-Mischievous-and-FunnyCozmo… What’s Cozmo? Cozmo is your new best friend or rather your kid’s new best friend. He’s a very smart and sometimes naughty little robot who pretty much does what he likes. Much like Furby Connect, this little guy has a mind of his own and his personality grows the more you interact with him. He is a barrel of fun and laughs!

Cozmo-Robot--He's-Mischievous-and-FunnyI’ve heard that the little fellow doesn’t like to be ignored and that he plots and plans so you better treat him good. He is a curious george and gets real emotional by times and gets upset if you consider him to be a toy. He responds to you almost human like. You know somewhat like the ones in Star Wars. He’s a lot of fun and won’t be ignored and will surprise you with some of his funny actions.

He has been tested thoroughly for the highest level of durability and is a very dependable and interactive sport. The more you play with this robot, more games and upgrades are unlocked for a new level of fun and games.

Requires a free app and the processing power of your compatible mobile phone/tablet to access high level robotics functions that makes him do what he does best. Cozmo is a best seller on Amazon and has been awarded four stars and over 200 reviews.

I’m sure he’d like to meet you. Check him out and read all about him here on Amazon.


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