LEGO Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter 75149

LEGO Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter 75149


lego-star-wars-resistance-x-wing-fighterWhat young boy doesn’t love and Lego Star Wars Re X-Wing Fighter 75149 is no exception. Actually boys don’t have dibs over Lego as there are many girls who enjoy the challenge. And many adults still have a soft spot for Lego and Star Wars. My grandson loves Lego and Star Wars. He has had a lot of fun over the years spending literally hours putting Lego together.

The Resistance X-Wing Fighter is starwars-resistance-x-wing-fighterrecommended for kids aged 8 years to 14 years old. This is one of the better LEGO sets on the market today and is very impressive. It takes a few hours for a boy or girl ages 8-14 to build this one which is not quite as challenging as say the Millenium Falcon which took my grandson approximately 2 days.  He was actually 7 years old. He has always loved puzzles  and Lego ever since he was 2 or 3 so it was not a problem for him to get this one together even though a bit younger than the manufacturers recommended age group.

Here is an image of the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Building Kit

It is a bit more comlicated to put together than the LEGO Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter 75149 or at least it takes longer to build it I think. You can recreate some of the scenes from the Star Wars Movie and it has a secret compartment where you can hide things. It would also make a really exciting Lego Star Wars Christmas gift for that special child or to add to your collection.


Resistance X-Wing Fighter features opening wings and minifigure cockpit, 4 spring-loaded shooters, retractable landing gear, removable hyperdrive and a detachable BB-8 Astromech Droid

  • Building section features a container, a tower that can be pushed over, and knobs to attach flame elements for a make-believe blaze
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Poe Dameron, Lor San Tekka and a First Order Flametrooper, plus a BB-8 Astromech Droid
  • Measures over 4″ (11cm) high, 14″ (37cm) long and 12″ (32cm) wide with wings open, and over 3″ (8cm) high with wings closed
  • Weapons include Poe’s blaster pistol and the Flametrooper’s flamethrower with attachable flame element, accessory elements include a wrench, fire extinguisher, flames, Poe’s helmet and the Flametrooper’s helmet


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