Christmas Toy Guide – Finding That Perfect Gift

Christmas Toy Guide – Finding That Perfect Gift

Christmas Toy Guide – 2016

I can’t believe that Christmas is here again. It seems like just yesterday that we were all sitting around the living room after a wonderful Christmas dinner… opening gifts and enjoying each other’s company. It is always so nice to see family that you haven’t seen for a while. Oh my, how the kids sprout up in a matter of a few months. I only see my son’s 2 boys once or twice a year. The eldest is saving up for a car… he was such a little guy not that long ago! So, that being said, I would like to give you a Christmas Toy Guide to help you with some great gift ideas for the kids in your life.. Choosing that perfect gift can sometimes be quite a challenge and we can all use a little help.

Family and friends are what holidays are all about and of course most of us love giving gifts as much as we like receiving them. Gifts are not the most important thing about getting together but it is a really fun part of the holiday our holiday gatherings.

From babies toys and gyms to fun games and electronics for the older ones – you’ll have no trouble choosing that perfect gift or toy for all those special little guys and those bigger ones as well.

Although we do enjoy getting out into jolly atmosphere for a bit, listening and singing along with the Christmas music, shopping online can make your holiday shopping less hectic and stressful. Having them delivered to your door can take a big load off and save you tons of time. The last thing you’ll want during the hectic holiday season is to fight traffic and stand in long lines at the mall. So, Here we go…

Toys For Babies

There is so much to choose from and when it comes to finding that perfect toy that will end up being your baby’s favourite toy well, you may just end up choosing a few. Babies’ toys are not as costly as some of the gifts we buy for older kids these days, so you can purchase several and be tickled pink watching him exploring his new toys.

Top quality toys manufactured by the Fisher-Price company will always be a favourite for both parents and children. They are tough and last almost a lifetime. The Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym is very intriguing for a baby – there’s so much for him to see and do with it.

He can kick the piano keys and wiggle and bop around baby fashion to the music or look in the mirror and make funny faces at himself. If she gets tired of that, there are toys such as elephant clackers and a yummy hippo teether to catch the  interest of these little ones.

There are several gyms to choose from and it will help the baby to develop stronger muscles and aid with physical growth. Babies always love and have fun with the gym. Click the image on the left to see the wide selection of baby gyms on Amazon. The one pictured here has been sold almost 2000 times and has a 4 1/2 star rating. That tells me that babies must really like this one.


Then there is the Ver-Baby Toy Table Activity Centre which helps to develop and stimulate the brain. Again, depending on your child and preference, there are a few different ones to choose from. This exclusive learning desk for babies features 3 playing modes – the is one for standing up, one for sitting down and one for holding.

These activity tables are so much fun for babies and toddlers alike. They are so colourful and mind-stimulating with a variety of sounds and songs. The colourful flashing keys and buttons to press will keep them occupied for quite some time. Creative development is so very important for our children and these fun and educational toys is a way to ensure your little ones learn many important things early in life.

You can find all the information you need to make a decision about a baby gift online. When you click on the toy you want to check out, you’ll receive all sorts of information about the ages it’s meant for, durability and size details.

Click on any image on this page to see more details on about the toys you may want to check out.

Shop early to ensure that you get the exact toy you want and that it can reach you or your recipient in time for the holidays. Most sites offer gift-wrapping and some even offer free shipping.

For Toddlers

Babies and Toddlers are so smart and learn so much those first few years and especially with the smart and interactive toys on the market today.

If you have a toddler on your Christmas toy list, you will have some fun checking out all the smart and fun toys for young children. Adults have fun with some of these new interactive toys too. They can do so many interesting and funny things. Check out all the best-selling online toys that will give you all the information you need to make a decision about which is best for your child’s age and developmental stage.

Harry, the Electronic Pet Dog is a great substitute if you can’t have a real puppy. You don’t have to feed and walk Harry – just touch him and he makes you laugh by doing several things that your toddler will love.

He’s approximately 7-inches in length  and 6-inches tall.  He will suprise your little ones as he barks, walks and makes other puppy sounds. As you can see, he looks like a Dalmatian and your children will soon learn where to touch him to keep him wound up doing funny and entertaining things.

Plus, this pet dog talks and sings. “How Much is That Doggie In the Window” is one of his favourite songs. Your toddler will soon learn that different things happen when he touches different parts of the dog’s body. Click on the image of Harry to find out more about him.

And how about SainSmart Jr. Electronic RC Smart Dog, Wireless Interactive Puppy, Children’s Toy Dancing Robot Pet. SainSmart Jr. is very a smart remote control dog with flexible joints. He can shake his head, wag his tail, lies down, crouches down and I’ve heard that he even can pee. He makes different sounds to show different emotions. Such a cutie and he’s a smart interactive pup. Kids will love him. Click on the images to go to to check out one or both of these smart dogs.

There are many things about these smart little dogs that will tickle and delight your toddler.

Sooner or later the little ones get tired and need a bit of down time to recoup and begin the fun again. When it’s that time there is no better play mate to cuddle up to than this large (24-inch) Elephant Pillow by KIKI Monkey.

You can choose from six different colors for KiKi Elephant pillow – blue, grey, red, pink, purple and yellow. It’s so soft and plush – and ecologically safe for baby. There’s no fading and it’s lint free, too.

Choose from a wide variety of plush toys for your toddler gift online and begin a tradition that will go on through the teen years and beyond. They make great decorative items for a kid’s room and add color and whimsy too.

There’s no shortage of toys to pick from for toddlers. A simple surf online will reveal all types and prices of toddler toys from which you can choose. It seems that manufacturers have outdone themselves with toys for toddlers that can help to develop both physical and mental ability.

There are many new startup toy companies that are enjoying great success with their foray into toys. Read the reviews and make your own decision about whether it’s the one you want or do you want to stick to the old brands who have proven themselves time again – such as Fisher-Price.

What’s for the Girls

While big girls are scrapbooking with pretty papers, little girls are still playing with dolls and doing all the girly things that little girls love to do. Girls are so easy to please, perhaps because there is such a wide array of pretty things to choose from. There’s more than ever before to

I have found that a young girl on your gift list will be a pleasure to shop for. So much to choose from – and you can find the perfect gift for her age and the kinds of things she wants and likes. She may like to play with electronics and lego, but she’ll still love the other toys that are typically geared toward girls.

Boys and girls will love to play with the Pretend Play Electronic Cash Register Toy with Realistic Actions and Sounds. The set comes with play money, groceries made from ABS plastic and even credit cards that, when swiped, opens the register with lights and sounds.

She’ll shop to her heart’s content and learn how to operate the simple machine. Its colour is pink, so it should fit right in to a girl’s favourite colour. When she has her friends over for playtime, the Pretend cash register will be one of the most popular toys in the room.

There are other cash registers to choose from as well and well, if you have a young boy to buy for, he just might prefer another colour. Click on this link or the image at the left and go to Amazon to see what other choices there are.

No matter how sophisticated toys get, little girls usually love to play with dolls. One of the most popular dolls on the market is the American Girl Doll collection. One of the newest is the Maryellen Doll from the 1950s who comes with a book that tells her story of growing up in the 50s.

All American Girl Dolls have stories they tell about their lives in an accompanying book. Little girls love to read the book and then use their imaginations to play with the doll. Her arms and legs are moveable and she loves to have her hair brushed and styled.

There are many other outfits and accessories that are sold separately. She even has a dog named that you can buy for her.

Begin an American Doll collection for the little girl on your gift list. She’ll keep them forever and pass them on to her little girl. Dolls are always popular with girls, but the American Girl Dolls are collectibles and make excellent gifts they’ll keep and treasure.

Girls love electronics too – and there’s no shortage of fun and useful gifts that you can choose from in the electronics realm. They’re not really considered toys, but kids do enjoy playing with them.

Some feature games while others teach. They’re good options for kids who have all the toys they’ll ever need.

Check online today for favourite girls’ gifts and place your order early.

What do Little Boys Want

Boys and toys just go together like fun and games. In fact, there’s lots of fun in store this year when you shop for boys’ toys. When it comes to toys for boys, you won’t go wrong with toys that stimulate their love of games and building – and those that stimulate the imagination.

LEGO seems to be synonymous with boys and the boys on your gift list will love the LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit. It’s a holiday delight that he’s sure not to have in his LEGO collection.

Your little boy will love the Star Wars themed calendar where you open a door each day for 24 days to reveal gifts. There are Slave I, TIE Interceptor, Republic Cruiser, Sleigh and many more vehicles in the set.

You’ll also get 8 mini figures and a Battle Droid – plus, weapons such as Skywalker’s Light saber and two blaster pistols. He’ll get to experience adventures of Hoth, Naboo and Hoth while enjoying hours of fun with this new LEGO set.

It seems that the holidays wouldn’t be complete without Star Wars gifts under the tree. Most little boys (and adults) are taken with anything and everything Star Wars, and you’ll be able to find a wide selection of toys that emulate their favourite heroes online.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask is a fun playtime disguise that little boys love. It looks just like Chewbacca in the movies – and when its mouth opens Chewbacca roars. Open it a bit wider and it roars even more.

The Chewbacca mask has straps to ensure a good fit and the package includes instructions for use. Masks and costumes aren’t just for Halloween anymore. Kids use them to enhance their playtime fun.

You’ll find a wide collection of Star Wars and other popular costumes and masks online. Check them out for boys and girls and include one with their favourite themed toy. Now, kids can act out their favourite movies during playtime with authentic looking costumes and masks.

There are so many wonderful gifts for little boys. They’re not little for long, so have fun while you can with choosing gifts that will bring fun into his life and he’ll always remember and appreciate it forever.

Check out all the boys’ toys online today and place your order early so there will be plenty of time for gift-wrapping, monogramming and shipping to your doorstep. You’ll be happy you don’t have to fight the crowds during the holiday season.

And Finally For the Teens on Your List

You may think it’s difficult to decide on a teen gift for the holidays, but they’re really kids at heart and sometimes like the same things younger kids do. Besides electronics that feature games and socialising, there are some other choices you can make that they will love.

The Craft-tastic String Art Kit is perfect for the girl or boy who loves to work with his hands. String art has been around for years, but it’s taken a new turn and kids love it. This particular string art kit begins with the canvas that measures 8 ½ inches (square).

Your teen simply pushes the pins into a foam canvas (3 per kit) and use the designs (hi, peace or heart) to create art. Your teen won’t need a hammer or nail like some string arts kits recommend.

Your teen will love hanging the new art on the wall in his room – or lean them up on a dresser or other piece of furniture. It’s a great way for the teen to get away from electronics, homework and socialising and do something that’s totally for him or her.

Teens love to get together and play games, too. You’ll find a wide array of online games in your favourite online shopping sites and can have it sent to your home or the teen recipient.

The Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game is fun for young and old alike. It looks like a space age contraption and works by having each player grab a handle from the base.

When the player presses the button in the centre, the red light blinks and the eerie music will begin. Then, when the light turns green, the fun begins. Press the trigger button as rapidly as you can.

If you’re the last person to react, you’ll get a shock. It’s not a bad shock, but you can rev it up with settings from Low to Medium and High. You choose. It’s a shocking game, but one that’s fun and will encourage lots of reactions.

It’s always nice fun to watch kids pull away from their iPhones and other electronic devices and enjoy fun and simple games that will help them socialise and spend quality time with friends and family. Other, tamer, games exist online when you’re searching for teen gifts and they’re fun for the entire family.

Teens also love gift certificates that allow them to shop online at stores like Amazon, or for iTunes or Steam credit. Don’t wait too long – place your orders online now to ensure you get the gifts you want, prices that are competitive and affordable shipping.

Click on any of the images on this page to go to Amazon to check out details for any of the toys and items pictured and look around while you are there to see just what amazing toys to choose from this Christmas.

sign-reading-santa-please-stop-hereHappy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

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