Furby Connect – Why are Some People Not Happy

Furby Connect – Why are Some People Not Happy

Furby Connect – Why are Some People Not Happy

Furby with the new Furby Connect… The new Furby connect just arrived in June 2016 and first shipped from Amazon about mid July. He is a fair bit bigger and softer and does a lot more now than he did when he first arrived in 1998 and is loved as much by adults as he is by kids, especially since he or she now comes with a sleep mask to quiet him or her down. It’s hard to imagine how smart Furby really is.

Bluetooth Smart technology syncs your Furby with a compatible device of your choosing for videos, phrases and music and Furby will even react while you two are watching videos together on the app. 

Furby Connect has big, bright and colourful eyes that are very expressive so you will have no problem figuring out what he is wanting. He or she has over a thousand phrases if you can believe it and can learn more! You can play with your new friend with or without the app. Two Furby friends will even interact with each other bantering back and forth. It’s all fun! The more you play with him or her the more interactive and fun he can be. Recommended for children 6 years old and up.

There are some verified reviews of this one on Amazon.com and not everyone is happy with the new Furby. They love Furby but people have complained that Furby falls asleep in the middle of play and they have trouble connecting it to the app. Some have said that with the new Bluetooth technology the batteries drain too fast and there are some glitches that people are hoping that Hasbro(the manufacturer that makes Furby) will update and get fixed. Even so out of 91 reviews 54% still gives the interactive toy 5 stars. Available in Pink, Teal, Purple or Blue

Read more reviews and check out the new Furby on Amazon.com

You do need to purchase 4 AA alkaline batteries separately.

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